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NO bans, NO free reqs
Practice shows that very few people read at least something about the rules, and many people think that the rules are not for them ... in the end - a few bans a day the smartest, who also strive to prove that I'm wrong. But, ... all patience comes to an end.

From now on all free requests are canceled in the program, and the system of bans is eliminated. In this case, old bans remain.

Each new account does not receive anything at registration NOTHING, therefore it is possible to register them as much as necessary, but for detected malicious spam registration, the ban is all too real.

For those who are not sure that their car or adapter will work with the program, there is a system for purchasing requests for crypto-currencies with the possibility of a return, to coins at any time.
At the same time, the old package purchase system has been fully preserved. Returns on it will not be entered.

The order of requests spending,
1) the old system
2) BTC
3) LTC
5) ZEC
6) GIN
in wallet settings you can disable those assets that you do not want to spend.

For those who are not familiar with crypto-currencies, I will write an introductory post with links later.
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  • ilkekarkan, RockabillyManta
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Info for Request mining HERE -
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Dear Earl_Vadim, I am just new in ED and cannot try the program as I have no requests.

Could you help me please to try the program?.

Thanks in advance (spasiba) ;-)
ED havn't of demo requests.
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